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The external legal department is a modern concept that allows creating a legal department for your business via a dedicated cooperation with a law firm.

You can define your individuals needs and design the external legal department together with us. For this, you have selected expertise from various areas of law at your disposal.


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Offer Plan and Pricing

Choose an Offer Plan that works best for you


This offer plan includes:


Creation of your external legal department


Small: 2 hours per month | Medium: 4 hours per month | Large: 6 hours per month


This offer plan includes:


Creation of your external legal department


Specifically defined cooperation according to so your needs and requirements


Flexible definition of terms




Look through the different offer plans and decide which one best suits your needs. When you’re ready, enter the contract generator.



Answer a few simple questions to customize your report using the contract generator. Everything you need to know is explained during the process.



Our legal experts will get in touch with you to set everything in motion – tailored to your unique requirements and specific situation.

Whether as generalist or specialist - as a full-service law firm our experts cover the full spectrum of all areas of law. At the same time, you have selected expertise in all these areas of law at your disposal.

Generalist: The generalist offers legal advice in all areas of law. Depending on your needs, you can choose between the Small, Medium and Large versions. The following hours are included based on a reduced flat rates system: Small: 2 hours per month | Medium: 4 hours per month | Large: 6 hours per month

The hourly quotas follow the "rucksack principle" and can thus be used up to a maximum of 6 months if not used. The minimum contract period is 12 months.

Individualist: The generalist does not fit into your concept? If so, the individualist is the right choice for you.

Such option provides you with a service package tailored to your specific needs - whether in terms of hours, legal focus, or special topics. Moreover, the contract period can be individualized. Let's jointly put together a suitable services package.

In many companies, the outsourcing of certain areas is already the norm. In line with this trend, so-called legal process outsourcing is also becoming increasingly important. Whether start-up, SME or corporate group - our tailor-made offers bring the necessary expertise to your company without the ongoing fixed costs of an internal legal department.

Our services enable you to design your individual legal department and map it externally. There are various opti

The range of legal expertise that you can receive trough the External Legal Department:

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Using the kontractory contract factory to create your contracts and documents is an easy, cost-effective way of ensuring that your paperwork is set up properly and in full compliance with the law. Select the answers to some simple questions, fill in some options, and click to create – you get a full understanding of the nature of the contract or document in a language you can understand.

Of course, setting up your external legal department is just the first step. We will also help you by showing you other potential documents or legal services that you may need as your business launches and grows. You also get to take advantage of our fully transparent pricing: we will never charge you more than the price you agreed to or add hidden fees.


Everyday business of companies requires legal advice on a regular basis, but there may be hurdles along the way that keep companies from receiving adequate advice. Establishing an external legal department for your business enables you to gain access to a broad range of legal expertise in a quick manner at very efficient pricing.

Development of a customized legal department tailored to the company and with flexible design. The offer is specifically coordinated with the user.

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