Power of Attorney

A Power of attorney (POA) is a legal authorization that gives a designated person the power to act for another person. The designated person can be given broad or limited authority to make decisions for the authorizer.

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You can be represented before courts, authorities, banks, insurance companies and other institutions etc. A power of attorney can be granted to natural persons of full age or to legal entities.

The power of attorney can be granted in different scopes. For example, a person can be authorized only to conclude a specific transaction (special power of attorney) or to conclude all transactions (general power of attorney).

The power of attorney generally ends upon revocation by the principal or upon his death. Of course, the power of attorney can also be limited in time.

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A power of attorney is most often used when the authorizer is unable to be present at a certain place or time to sign a document or perform a task. A PoA can authorize the representative for all actions or for very specific tasks (e.g. sign a contract, purchase an item, collection of certain items, obtaining information).

A professionally prepared power of attorney, either in the form of a full PoA or a specific/special PoA.

No that is not necessary.

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