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Getting data protection right is an essential task for every business. In some cases, the requirements differ greatly. Experience and know-how are necessary to get everything right.

Our innovative contract software retrieves the most important data and prepares you and your legal expert for the creation of your data protection package.


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Our legal experts will get in touch with you to set everything in motion – tailored to your unique requirements and specific situation.

In principle, every company that processes personal data is obliged to protect data privacy. The data protection regulations apply to all companies - from one-person companies to large corporations. We are happy to support you in the thicket of data protection.

There are numerous regulations to be observed: from the processing directory, to the various information obligations (for employees, customers, etc.), to contract processing agreements.

The data protection package is specially designed to help you implement your data protection. Our specialized attorneys will support you in the development of an implementation concept, but also with simple questions.

Using the kontractory contract factory to create your contracts and documents is an easy, cost-effective way of ensuring that your paperwork is set up properly and in full compliance with the law. Select the answers to some simple questions, fill in some options, and click to create – you get a full understanding of the nature of the contract or document in a language you can understand.

Of course, getting your employee privacy policy paperwork done is not the only way we can support you. We will also help you by showing you other potential documents or legal services that you may need or answer your questions about any legal issue via video consultation. You also get to take advantage of our fully transparent pricing: we will never charge you more than the price you agreed to or add hidden fees.


The data protection package covers a broad range of topics: - Detailed privacy policy according to your specifications - Preparation of the privacy declaration by GDPR specialists - Preparation taking into account all legal requirements - Updates and extensions easily implemented

- Analysis of the implementation status (gap analysis) - Development of a data protection strategy - Definition of an implementation concept - Tailor-made data protection management - Advice on the rights of the persons concerned - Consulting in the area of Data-Breach (data protection incident) - Data protection law-related process and project support - Ongoing data protection advice

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