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Data Protection - The Akarion Data Protection Tool: A tailor-made offer to take data protection in your company to a new level, no matter what implementation status you are currently in.

Our innovative contract software retrieves the most important data and prepares you and your legal expert for the creation of your privacy policy.


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Akarion AG

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Data protection management system (Akarion)


Legal advice on data protection (kontractory)


Extensive range of tools and expertise for your data protection




Look through the offer of Akarion in detail and decide if it is of interest to you. When you’re ready, enter the contract generator.



Answer a few simple questions to customize your report using the contract generator. Everything you need to know is explained during the process.



Akarion and our legal experts will get in touch with you to set everything in motion – tailored to your unique requirements and specific situation.

Together with the innovative Data Protection Module of the Akarion Compliance Cloud, we offer you an all-round solution for your company. Akarion's data protection management system is a scalable and individually adaptable software solution, for both small and complex organizational structures.

We support you fully in the introduction or digitalization of your data protection processes and guidelines. With the help of the Data Protection Module, we can implement processing activities, Data Protection Impact Assessments (DSFA), Technical and Organizational Measures (TOMs), Contract Processing Agreements (AVVs) as well as the management of data subject rights for you in a targeted manner; this also includes your current implementation status.

Akarion's Data Protection Module is an intelligent data protection management system, developed by and with a wide range of experts to meet the high data protection requirements of today as well as the challenges of tomorrow. The solution offers maximum user-friendliness with a large performance volume and easy handling with the highest scalability.

The benefits of the Akarion data protection tool includes:

  • Intelligent data protection management system
  • Legal advice from data protection experts
  • Cost-efficient implementation through use of synergies
  • High user-friendliness
  • Simple handling & Multilingualism
  • Highest scalability & Regular updates
  • Inclusion of your current implementation status

Using the kontractory contract factory to create your contracts and documents is an easy, cost-effective way of ensuring that your paperwork is set up properly and in full compliance with the law. Select the answers to some simple questions, fill in some options, and click to create – you get a full understanding of the nature of the contract or document in a language you can understand.

Of course, getting your privacy policy work done is not the only way we can support you. We will also help you by showing you other potential documents or legal services that you may need or answer your questions about any legal issue via video consultation. You also get to take advantage of our fully transparent pricing: we will never charge you more than the price you agreed to or add hidden fees.


Properly implemented data protection is an important topic for every company. Since 25.05.2018 the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is in effect. The regulation affects every company that offers goods or services in the EU and processes personal data (in Austria also data of legal persons).

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