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The Future of Data Protection Management

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It is almost a miracle that "data protection" has not yet been declared the no-go word of the year among entrepreneurs. Most people think at first of the "GDPR", effort, costs and frighteningly high fines.

The European General Data Protection Regulation

Indeed, the European General Data Protection Regulation requires a considerable implementation effort and creates some uncertainty with the threat of fines of up to EUR 20 million. At the same time, however, the implementation of the GDPR requirements also offers the opportunity to evaluate processes, identify unused systems and to reorganise and optimise procedures. To be able to take advantage of these opportunities, a functioning, future-proof data protection management system is essential.

The term data protection management covers the planning, organisation, maintenance and continuous monitoring of all processes and mechanisms in connection with data protection. In simple terms, data protection management is the master plan, so to speak, in which all rules and procedures for handling personal data are established. In the data protection management system ("DSMS"), the clear, central and comprehensive documentation of all this content is then - in the best case - carried out.

Of course, a data protection management system does not necessarily have to use specially developed software. Theoretically, the documentation of the corresponding contents can also be done in a normal text file or with a spreadsheet program. However, this is just as efficient as distributing advertising videos via VHS cassette. The Data Protection Module of the Akarion Compliance Cloud is specially designed for the implementation of GDPR-compliant data protection management and follows the approach of making data protection management as simple and effective as possible, using the latest technologies.

Behind the Compliance Cloud is the company Akarion and its vision to redesign trust in the digital world. Since its foundation in 2017, Akarion has therefore been pursuing the goal of advancing the trustworthy handling of data through technical innovation under the credo "Innovating Trust". Akarion wants to show that data protection can not only be a burden but rather an opportunity and tries to make the latest developments in technology available to customers.

In addition to the Data Protection Module, Akarion offers further compliance management software under the roof of the so-called "Compliance Cloud". Subject areas such as ISO27001, Business Continuity Management or Whistleblowing are so closely linked to the topic of data protection that a central control of all these areas, through the use of synergies, enables an effective and holistic compliance management.

Strong partners for your data protection

We at kontractory by DWP find this holistic approach very exciting and have therefore worked with Akarion from the very beginning. Akarion provides its Data Protection Module, a scalable and individually adaptable software solution, and kontractory by DWP provides the tailor-made legal advice. In this way, we create an individual all-round solution for your company, which is 100% tailored to your needs.

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