Updated on 9/10/2022

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We support your Start-up

Every crisis also brings with it opportunities that need to be seized. Keyword: anti-cyclical behaviour. This also and especially applies to start-ups. But not for everyone and not in every economic segment.

One of the major beneficiaries of the current exceptional situation are currently (and probably in the long term) at least companies and projects with a digital footprint. Accordingly, solutions range from digital questionnaires for suspected corona cases to apps such as "Stop Corona" by the Red Cross and disinfection robots. In addition to their definitive contribution to civil society or the economy, these initiatives impressively demonstrate that there is currently a further acceleration in the digital penetration of all aspects of life.

In this respect, future founders will be well advised to give free rein to their ingenuity and take advantage of the "digital wave". In doing so, however, it is important to take into account the diverse legal framework conditions, which are currently also subject to constant change. These include, for example, questions regarding the set-up of a company (legal form, shareholder relationship), IP strategy, employees, office space, data protection aspects or financing issues.

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