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What makes kontractory by DWP different

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From the very beginning, our objective of "kontractory by DWP" was to contribute to the digitisation of the Austrian legal system. We worked on kontractory by DWP for several months. The result is an innovative offer, which we will briefly describe in the following.

Hurdle reduction at highest Service Quality

For many people, the path to justice is fraught with hurdles. Our legal system is a complex matter, especially if you rarely come into contact with it. For what reason do I need this particular contract and when? Does my approach make sense from a legal point of view? Are there alternatives for action? Understandably, many people find it difficult to have an overview or even a clear view.

Our range of legal products is designed to make access to the law as simple and comprehensible as possible for people. We clearly present the categories of contracts and legal documents we offer and provide specific information on the contents, benefits, advantages and use cases for each product. Scope, price and performance are presented transparently and do not have to be obtained from a lawyer.

Another big hurdle is often to get in contact with a lawyer at all and to finally get an appointment to present one's concerns there. This obstacle is a thing of the past. Our web-based configurator can be used at any time and completely independent of location on all common devices and browsers.

Symbiosis of IT and Law

Once you have found your desired offer, you can directly and free of charge enter into the process of contract drafting. With our tool, you configure your personal, tailor-made product step by step in an innovative process according to your ideas. Explanations and tips in the right places help you to better understand legal terms and the effects of the chosen contract components.

At the end of this process you will receive a free preview of the contract or other legal document you have designed by e-mail. In particular, this e-mail will also contain a detailed overview of our services and the conditions for engaging our law firm. Based on this, you can make an informed decision about the actual commissioning of your legal product. Costs are only incurred from then on. Each individual offer for a contract or other legal document also includes a fixed time quota of legal advice from a specialized lawyer. This serves to clarify open questions or to further individualize the document. In keeping with the principle of independence of location, the transaction can be carried out by telephone, video call or e-mail. Of course, we would also be happy to advise you personally at one of the five locations of our law firm.

Secure and Transparent

kontractory by DWP is offered by the Austrian law firm Dax Wutzlhofer & Partner Rechtsanwälte. The claim to offer the highest level of confidentiality and security even in the case of digital interaction between lawyer and client is a matter of course for us. The kontractory software complies with the latest security and encryption standards and a special focus is also placed on effective and comprehensive data protection of client data. The attorney liability and duty of confidentiality naturally apply to the same extent as for "offline consultations".

Cost transparency is a top priority: Clients are fully informed at all times about the amount of costs and services to be provided.

With our offer, a number of legal agendas can now be carried out online - self-determined and adapted to specific needs. Our vision is to make access to legal advice more digital and efficient step by step - with the service quality you have come to expect from us as lawyers.

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