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A new offer for the Austrian legal tech sector

kontractory by DWP is a legal tech application from Austria. Users can easily create tailor-made contracts online and at the same time have the security of knowing that each contract will be individualized and finalized together with experienced lawyers from Austria. This is done in the course of a legal consultation, which is included in every single offer.

In this way kontractory by DWP helps users to quickly and safely create tailor-made contract solutions in numerous areas of life. The further offer includes legal services such as start-up consulting, external legal department and legal checks together with tax consultants and other experts.

Digitization for You at Home

For many people there are hurdles on the way to obtaining professional justice:

Cost uncertainty and often lack of transparency

For which problem do I need legal support?

Where and how do I look for an appropriate legal solution?

How do I find the right lawyer for my problem?

Temporal and local constraints

The Corona crisis made the problem even clearer: The aim is to use digitisation to give people the opportunity to act legally - conclude contracts, etc. - with the greatest possible security. kontractory and the Austrian full-service law firm Dax Wutzlhofer & Partner Rechtsanwälte (DWP) jointly offer an innovative solution.

Our Contract Assistant

Through the symbiosis of law and IT, kontractory by DWP makes it possible to display various legal documents and services online and with software support. The communication with the law firm can also be completely digital. Thus, being tied to a specific location and visiting the law firm are a thing of the past. kontractory by DWP is characterized as follows:

  • Complex dependencies are represented in a modular and easily understandable way
  • Software-supported composition of suitable contract components
  • Automation of the generation of legal documents
  • Technological error elimination
  • Legal examination and adaptation
  • Use of the synergies of IT and law

This gives users the opportunity to design their individual contract or legal solution on the basis of simply prepared questions and choices divided into individual steps.

We check all the information and contact users within a very short time. Together we can further individualize the document and discuss all open questions. We use modern channels of communication (telephone, e-mail, video call, chat etc.) for this purpose. But a visit to our office is also welcome.

Thus, with kontractory by DWP we establish an innovative, new way of legal advice.

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